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"I've got a pocket full of dreams and I'm going to make it by any means"

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leather and denim 1 Leather and Denim

Leather and denim All I need is an awesome Bike and I’m all done with this look. I caught myself on the fact that I have a really special relationship with my faux leather pants. Even with this weather I [...]


white skirt denim blouse black ankle sandels Power house

 Some outfits just give you that feeling of I’m a power house. This is one of those outfits that gives me that feeling.  I think that how clothes makes you feel is way more important than how it looks. In [...]


beach all white fashion ankle cuffs 2-6-2010

2-6-2010 Today is al special day.. Four years ago I married the love of my life, and today we went to celebrate it on the beach, just as we did four years ago. When the summer starts off,  I love [...]