• Baby Blue eyes

    Posted on 05/03/2013 by Talitha Ewi in Beauty.

    baby blue eyesBecause I got such great comments on the “baby blue eyes” page I decided to show you my version of blue eyes.

    I used the MAC “electric eel”and the MAC Aquadisiac” and for a little shimmer in the inner corner of the eye the “Make up studio; Jewel effects shine.

    Today I went for blue on half of the eyelid, only the outside corners, faded out. But you can also do a faded out blue line under the eye for a colour pop.

    Because I felt casual today I wore my blue eyes with an denim outfit but I will soon show you an outfit a bit more glamour with blue eyes!

    Oh and yes I heard those words today…”baby I love your blue eyes” ;)

    Check out page”baby blue eyes” here


    Talitha Ewi

    baby blue eyes baby blue eyes baby blue eyes

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