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    Posted on 30/03/2013 by Talitha Ewi in DiY, Home decor, TalithaEwi.

    Happy Easter to all off you!

    I wish you’ll a long joyful weekend with your loved ones.

    Here a DIY I made for the room of my daughter, it’s a glitter feather mobile.

    You’ll be needing;

    1. glue 2. feathers 3. glitter 4. pencil for applying glitter 5. iron wire 6. large paillettes 7. some yarn by choice 8.studs 9. some strong glue ( bizonkit)

    First you apply the glue on the part of the feather you want to see the glitter ( I used a pencil for applying the glue), then you sprinkle the glitter on the glue part.

    Then you glue the studs on to the end of the feather, you let it dry for about 3 hours.

    The mobile made of iron wire you can make in all shapes and forms, but I made it in the name of my daughter Sensi.

    At last you use the yarn to hang the feathers in different lengths on to the mobile, and I wanted that little bit of extra so I also hang some large paillettes on the yarns.

    And voila! a different variation on the dream catcher as you know it.

    I hope you like it and will be inspired!

    With lots of love,


    Talitha Ewi

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    feather glitter diy mobile

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