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    Posted on 18/04/2013 by Talitha Ewi in TalithaEwi.

    curacao holiday

    Curacao…definitely stole my heart!

    Last year we went there on holiday, and what an great island it is. 

    It was our daughter’s first holiday and she couldn’t get enough of the swimming pool and above all the beach.

    It’s a very child friendly environment, and we stayed in the “Jan Thiel Baai”so we went most of the time to the “Papagayo beach club”. Great beach beds, service, water for children, and clean! and a good menu cart! I recommend! ;)

    Unfortunally we won’t go on a holiday.. we decided to putt all in the front of the house and the garden.

    But don’t feel sorry for us haha, we live near the beach so we can create our own holiday just one step away.

    Looking at the picture’s again does wan’t to make me go back though… so daydreaming it is for today;)

    What are you planning to go on your holiday?


    Talitha Ewi

    curacao holidaycuracao holidaycuracao holidaycuracao holiday


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