• DIY fringe garland

    Posted on 18/04/2013 by Talitha Ewi in DiY, Home decor.

    DIY fringe garland

    Good Morning!

    A little bit later than usual but yesterday I was totally into my upcoming DIY projects, which are friendship inspired bracelets. And I was so busy with it that I forgot about the time…

    But today I have for you a DIY of fringe garlands. I’ve was looking for themes for children birthdays and I came across a site who offer fringe garlands an pinata’s. And I fell in love and wanted them all…

    fringe garlandfringe garlandfringe garland





    The are supposed to be for party decorations, but I think that they also will look great as decoration in your home and garden.

    That was how a new DIY was born;) I’ve decided on the colours for the garden and they will be: neon yellow, baby light pink, rose gold, gold and silver. So a garland in that colours will follow soon!

    OK what do you need:

    • rope ( it’s up to you how long you want the garland to be, you can buy them at a fourniture shop or online )
    • fabric in the colours you want ( you can buy it online or in a fabric shop or an the local markets sometimes)
    • party garland in silver and gold( you have to go to a shop specialised in party decorations)
    • needle and threat ( you can buy this also online or in a fourniture or fabric shop)
    • adhesive tape

     At first you start to cut little square pieces of fabric ( as big as you want the fringe tho be) then you fold the piece of fabric one time. Then you cut little fringes of the fabric, and at last you use the needle and threat to secure on the upper side of the fringe so it doesn’t fall apart.

    Then you take the party decorations, you have to cut a piece of the party decorations, but mind that you need to fold the ones so you need two times the lenght of one fringe..get me?

    then you use the adhesive tape to secure the party decorations fringes and finally you can knot all the fringes on the rope and you’ve got yourself the best garland ever!!!

    I hope you have fun with it!


    Talitha Ewi

    DIY fringe garlandDIY fringe garlandDIY fringe garlandDIY fringe garlandDIY fringe garland

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