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    Posted on 12/03/2013 by Talitha Ewi in DiY, Home decor.


    As I told you before I’m crazy for glitter!

    And I have some amazing glitter DIY ideas I found on the Internet that I’ll soon be trying out myself.

    Here is the first one:

    glitter diy feathersglitter diy feathersglitter diy feathersglitter diy feathers















     Glitter feathers; feathers you can buy at almost any hobby store as well as the glue and glitter you will be needing.

    You have all kinds of glue so just ask the staff at the hobby store which one is the best for applying glitter on the feathers.

    Then you can make a mobile with it or just put them in a nice vase, it will be on sparkly eye catcher in your home.

    I will make a mobile for the tipi that I want in our garden this summer and one for in my daughters room, pictures will follow soon!

    Here is the second one;

    glitter vaseglitter vaseglitter vaseglitter vaseglitter vaseglitter vase

















    Glitter vase; It is simple you need a vase, glitter and glue and before you know it you have a Hollywood touch in your home ;)

    I’ll be trying this out on vases inside my home but also with flowerpots for the garden. Why not a little glitter in the garden?

    Here is the thirth one;


     glitter champagne botlle diyglitter champagne botlle diy





    glitter champagne botlle diyglitter champagne botlle diy






     Glitter champagne bottle and glasses; If you have all the necessaries for applying glitter on…well then you can end up applying it on everything. I probably will!!

    But how amazing will this look on a special dinner setting, or on a tray in your kitchen. There couldn’t be more alluring decoration.

    Ok almost the last one;

    glitter starbucks cupglitter starbucks cupglitter starbucks cup






     Glitter Starbucks cups; as you know I love coffee and so automatically I went crazy for this DIY glitter Starbucks cups.

    The are not only great for holding coffee but how cool would these look at the beach this summer?

    Ok I know it is to early for halloween decorations but I had to show you these pics also!

    glitter pumpkinsglitter pumpkinsglitter pumpkins






    Well I think this is enough inspiration for now….

    Let me know your thoughts about is!

    Lots of love,

    Talitha Ewi


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