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    Posted on 15/04/2013 by Talitha Ewi in Fashion, Style diary.

    ethnic fashion

    Yehhh, the summer gave us yesterday a sneak peak of what is ahead of us…I hope.

    Finally you could walk outside without a winter coat, what a freedom!

    I’m totally into the ethnic bohemian style now, I love the Isabel Marant inspired items of the ZARA my favourite shop ( in case you did’nt now it)

    And because of a fashion cheque I got from my brother and sister in law I went shopping this Friday and bought some great new items at the ZARA.

    How happy can you be with new clothes, i’ts almost embarissing haha

    Well have a great start of the week!


    Talitha Ewi

    ethnic fashionethnic fashionethnic fashionethnic fashionethnic fashionI’m wearing: ZARA padded gilet, ZARA short, ZARA top, ZARA bag,ZARA¬†eagle necklace,Ray Ban sunglasses, Taft studded ankle boots.

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