• Friendship Bracelets

    Posted on 19/05/2013 by Talitha Ewi in DiY, Style diary, TalithaEwi.

    friendship braceletsHello gorgeous!

    With the summer coming up ( sometime I hope) you’re arms are more in the picture then ever.

    So I came up with the idea to make some friendship bracelets.

    On you tube you can find many video’s on how tho knot friendship bracelets.

    You just need: cotton wool, chains, strass chains,needle and sew treath to sew everything together, and everything you would like to pimp them up! think studs for example.

    And you can make any variation of friendship bracelets you like. Just let you’re imagination go free!

    Send me some pictures of yours, I can’t whait to see…have fun!


    Talitha Ewi

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