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    Posted on 08/03/2013 by Talitha Ewi in DiY, Home decor.

    DIY indian elephant



    morrocan fairytalemorrocan fairytaleHi!

    This is a DIY project of mine for the room of my daughter. She is turning 3 this summer and she needed a transfer from her nursery to a toddler bedroom.

    And for her room I went for the theme; Indian,Moroccan ( here )fairy tales.

    That means lots of gold and silver and little details like these indian elephant I made to hang on the wall (still needs to happen…husband!!!)

    Her room is still a “work in progress”so I will update you with more pictures when it’s finished.

    So the Indian elephant…in India they paint the elephants for weddings and other festivities. In the most brightest colours so beautiful! I was so inspired that I wanted to do something with it, and that is how I came up with this idea.

    The first picture below shows what you need to make the indian elephant. Besides that you need fabric, I used on old white thick cotton curtain.

    At first you draw the lines of the elephant on to the fabric.( tip: draw in small proportion on paper first how you want the elephant to look like)

    And then the real work starts!! Sewing all the sequins one by one on the fabric following the lines you have drawn. OK and I do have to admit this requires some patience, if you don’t have this don’t start because you will go crazy ;)

    But after a week of sewing ( don’t want to discourage you) it’s ready!!!yeh!!

    Maybe you’re inspired, anyone who tries this out send me some pictures of it!

    Have a great Friday,


    Talitha Ewi

    DIY indian elephantDIY indian elephantDIY indian elephantDIY indian elephantDIY indian elephantDIY indian elephant

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