• Sea shell hairclips

    Posted on 12/04/2013 by Talitha Ewi in Beauty, DiY, Style diary.


     seashell hairclips


    Good news it seems that the weather is finally changing! So great summer outfit posts coming soon?

    Lately I’m all about DIY, it probably has to to with the change of season and wanting to change everything so it suits my spring butterflies.

    So on that note, today I have for you an adorable DIY of sea shell hair clips.

    I think it can make a summer beach look, and for little girls it is also very sweet.

    Who doesn’t want to be a mermaid ;)

    I have a thing for shells, and every beach who has shells I have to bring some home as a souvenir. So I used the shells that I brought home with me from the Maldives.

    But you can buy shells at almost every gardencenter.

    Then you can use every colour nail polish you like to paint them.

    The hair clips are of course also up to you, but mind the end of the hair clip because you need good attachment.

    So I used hairclips with a big diamond stone that fits perfectly under the round shell.

    You use the strong glue for applying the shells on to the hair clips, let it dry a night and there you have it! sea shell hair clips!

    Have fun making it!


    Talitha Ewi

     seashell hairclips seashell hairclips seashell hairclips seashell hairclips seashell hairclips




























     seashell hairclips


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