• Spring Flowercrown

    Posted on 20/03/2013 by Talitha Ewi in Beauty, DiY.



    Hi there!

    Today’s post is one I’ve been longing to do for quit some time now.

    And what better day to post these pictures on the first day of spring!

    You probably know by now I love the bohemian style¬† in fashion, beauty and interior. And I’ve come across allot of beautiful pictures of flower crowns.

    So I decided to do a DIY on flowercrowns!

    You need; Iron wire, real flowers by choice or fake ones, and some fabric.

    First you make a strong circle of the iron wire, then you cut little pieces of iron wire, you put the pieces of iron wire into the stem of the flower and then you roll them around the circle of iron wire until you don’t see the iron circle any more.

    And voila! a flower crown is born.

    Beneath are some pictures of inspiration, have fun!


    Talitha Ewi


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