• Kenzo Tigerlilly

    Posted on 02/03/2013 by talitha in Beauty, Style diary.

    kenzo tigerlilly

    Today I got my inspiration for this outfit from my daughter. She looks best in very bright colours,and today she wore neon pink trousers and a sea green sweater. And I thought…I’ve got something similar! So today we went like mother like daughter…

    Maybe it is to bright for the time of the year but it is taking to long before the spring is arriving and I´m so so ready for it. So on another cold day I was the spring herself ;)

    Only what I do forget sometimes is that my state of mind is of course not every ones. So can you imagine the looks I got from people today who probably thought I was off to a Brazilian carnival haha! But hey don’t we all need colour in our lives?

    I promised you pictures from a bubblegum pink here lipstick and today I wore it to enhance all the colour in my outfit.

    Let me know if you like it….

    kenzo tigerlilly

     kenzo tigerlillykenzo tigerlilly

    kenzo tigerlillykenzo tigerlilly I was wearing: ZARA boots, ZARA pink trousers, fake Kenzo sweater, Necklace H&M, Faux fur coat Nolita, bag from Balie Indonesia, Iphone cover H&m, lipstick MAC ‘ viva glam nicki’.

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6 Responsesso far.

  1. Justine says:

    Where did you buy the fake Kenzo-sweater? It looks really good and I’m hunting for one myself. Thanks!

    • Talitha Ewi says:

      I send you on email on where to find the sweater, let me know if you didn’t get it!
      Talitha Ewi

  2. maria says:

    ohhh what a lovely sweater! Do you have a link?

    • Talitha Ewi says:

      No I’m sorry it has been a while ago and I dont remember at wich one on Marktplaats I bought the sweater…Sorry x

  3. Lea says:

    would you send me an email where I can find the sweater? that’d be so nice five been looking everywhere to find some kind of that !

  4. Evgi says:

    Please send me a link to the fake sweater too *-* thank you!!

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